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As 2014 has come and gone we wanted to share with you all that transpired with CORDUSA last year. In the year 2014, the children across Chinmaya Mission Centers in North America  conducted 14 CORD USA Fundraisers and raised $124,000!  There are 4 active University chapters of CORD USA interacting with different CORD centers.  A number of children went above and beyond this; offering their own graduation, collections, Arangetram and artistic performance gifts to support our cause. You can get more detailed information about these events through our website

and Facebook page.

The GreatNonprofits, the leading provider of user reviews about nonprofit organizations announced that CORD USA, Inc. has been honored with a prestigious 2014 Top-Rated award.  We are proud to receive this award for the third consecutive year!

To see the impact of CORDUSA’s efforts manifested in work at the various CORD centers across India and Sri Lanka, please see the funds distribution page.  Our programs and activities have been inspired and formulated based on dynamic and vibrant interactions with thousands of villagers as well as our local programs in the USA giving then “a hand up, not a handout”.

Administratively, we have kept any costs under strict control with 0% overhead in running CORDUSA. The money that all of you raise will go to the needy in its entirety. We are very appreciative of the centers who continue to raise awareness and funds and invite you to join to support a great cause.

Since the inception of CORDUSA, we have sent many groups of high school students for service visits to our CORD facilities in India. They stay and work at these centers, and return from their trips inspired by CORD’s work in action. With the core values CORD has permanently etched in their hearts, they are inspired to become our next generation of ambassadors who will continue to raise the hopes and funds for the recipients.

We just completed our Winter service visits to CORD Deuladiha (Odisha) and CORD Tamaraipakkam (Tamil Nadu).  Here is an excerpt from the chaperones who took the students:

During the service visit the students were able to see first hand what CORD does in India. Before their visit, they had an abstract idea of CORD through fundraisers and presentations. Through this visit, they were able to witness the tremendous work done by CORD at the grass roots level. Their love and friendship knew no language barrier and despite not knowing the local language, all the kids 
were filled with joy.

Most students saw what it meant to live without minimal comforts and great opportunities that we take for granted. However, they also saw how the same happiness is found amidst very meager circumstances that they see in much more prosperous surroundings. They came back with excitement about meeting children, adolescents, women as well as farmers hard at work.

It was exciting for the volunteers to see the impact of their activities. Some impacts was immediately evident upon completing the physical tasks like the village clean up, pit digging, toilet construction etc,. Our kids also were excited that they were able to pass on awareness of cleanliness, education, hygiene, self empowerment, and career choices. They found this less tangible impact equally inspiring. They were also filled with gratitude and recognized that they gained more than they gave and learned more than they taught during this visit.

They came away with memories for a lifetime and many friendships that will last a lifetime too!

CORD USA is happy to bring you opportunity to work in two very dynamic Centers this upcoming Summer: CORD Sidhbari, in Himachal Pradesh and CORD Siruvani in Tamil Nadu. The Sidhbari service visit is scheduled from July 5th to July 18th, 2015. The Siruvani visit is scheduled from July
12th to July 25th, 2015.  Stay tuned for the online application!

The service visits are fueled by enthusiastic students and adult chaperones. We are eager to work with committed adult chaperones who are interested in guiding our bright youth whom they can lead by example. Any adult personifying the Chinmaya Mission values and willing to guide the Chinmaya students in those values is heartily welcomed to apply. The chaperone does not need to be the parent of a current student volunteer.

These service visits are extraordinary opportunities to serve others and experience the joy of service.  We are looking for volunteers, students and chaperones; who value  these objectives and will enthusiastically engage in all related  service activities without reservations.

Online applications will be open very soon at
Once the application is submitted, one of the service visit coordinators with be in touch with you to guide you through the screening and evaluation process.  Watch out for announcements coming out in the next weeks!

Big thanks to Teji Kanakamedala and Kapil Varma for their help with this newsletter!

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, I am just an email away…

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