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CORD USA happy to accept your tax-deductible financial donations. 100% of your Financial Donations assist our operations in specific, selected programs you choose that is supported by CORDUSA.   We make every effort to make sure your donation reach the most needed projects.

Many companies offer a program that will match your donations to non-profits. Please check with your company to see if they have a matching program. Most often all you will need to do is complete a form and turn it in to either your company or to the non-profit.

Making a gift by credit card is easy, secure, and helps us conserve resources.

Tax ID – 27-0540459
(866) 580-5508

Easiest way to donate is to “zelle” through your bank to “” or scan this QR code to start.

Or, use your credit card by clicking this link. Feel free choose the cause from the drop-down.

For more information on donating to CORD USA, feel free to
e-mail us at donations [at] cordusa [dot] org  or
call us toll-free at (866)580-5508.

Please read the quarterly reports from our rural development leads and our quarterly Blog from CORDUSA to understand our work and reach more.  You can request your donation to be a monthly donation or to go to specific CORD projects by using the drop-down.

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