CORD USA Service Visits!

Service Visits to CORD Centers in India and Sri Lanka

We are always looking for ways to get people of all ages to be involved with CORDUSA.  Our high school CORD service program is a unique opportunity for the youth enrolled in the Chinmaya Bala Vihars to experience firsthand the joys of serving the rural communities on the Indian subcontinent.  By most accounts, the experiences have been so dramatic and impactful that both parents and students continue to enthusiastically engage in service activities as CORD ambassadors.

It is also an avenue to earn volunteer hours for college applications.

These visits are usually planned to coincide with the summer and winter breaks of the high school calendar. CORD USA strives to make this exceptional opportunity available to as many participants as possible.

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Service Visit for High School students

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Greetings from our beautiful Portland!

Hope you all had a chance to see the video made by our recent service visit participants.  We have been receiving emails and voicemails asking about the Summer service visit opportunities in 2020. I want to update all of you regarding this.

Because of the current travel adversaries and unknown health risks, we have decided not to conduct a Summer service visit this year.  Please sign up to receive our updates directly using the link

In the meantime, please do let me know if you are interested in participating in local service activities.

Our CORDUSA ambassadors have continued their Seva with multiple programs like tutoring ESL students, doing homeless shelter services, cleaning up streets, coordinating camps, and many other activities in their local areas.

Have a safe and productive 2020!

Thank you!

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