CORD programs and activities have been inspired and formulated based on dynamic and vibrant interactions with thousands of villagers as well as local programs in USA. We have been doing fundraising events and awareness programs across the nation for a number of years, we would like to show the overall distribution of funds raised as well as allocated over the last year, so that donors like you are informed of the reach of CORDUSA.

 Annual Reports from CORD centers

 CORDUSA Fundrasing Distribution is as follows:


CORDUSA Fundraising


CORDUSA Fundraising


In the year 2013, over and beyond the private donations which poured in after our plea for help with CORD Siruvani's building needs, we have been very encouraged by our supporter’s help in raising funds.


With your help, we were able to help purchase the land for CORD Siruvani last year. We also undertook the task of empowering the many war widows who were cast-off from the three decades of communal war between Colombo government and LTTE.

Administratively, we have kept any costs under strict control with 0% overhead in running CORDUSA and the money that you raised will go to the needy in its entirety. We are very appreciative of centers who continue to raise awareness and funds.


CORDUSA Funds Allocation is as follows:


 CORDUSA Funds Allocations


Since inception of CORDUSA, we have sent many groups of high school students for service visits to our CORD facilities in India. They return from their trips inspired with CORD’s work and core values permanently etched in their hearts to become our next generation ambassadors who will continue to raise hopes and funds for the recipients. I will update you about the two groups preparing to go this December. We welcome you to go as a parent chaperone and/or send your children to experience the transformation yourself.

Over the past several years, many of our Chinmaya Mission centers in the U.S have been actively engaging in various humanitarian efforts in their respective communities. Highlighting these endeavors as well as our centers' efforts in supporting CORD's activities in India enhances our centers’ reputation in the community in the following ways:


· bestows increased recognition and visibility, thus drawing more non-members to our organization. Most of the American-Indians living in the suburbs of US can relate to our mission better, when we highlight the fact that we are engaged in working for the cause of the poor and needy in India and USA.

· infuses a deeper sense of pride and belonging in our members as well as in our children

· enhances our credibility as we will be perceived as an organization that ‘walks the talk’ of Vedanta

· helps us and our children put the pledge into practice and helps instill and ingrain the values of kindness; compassion and service in our children.