Since I was in elementary school, I've been involved with CORD. I have been fortunate to go with my mom to the CORD centers she visited, and I interacted with their Balwadi children while she did field visits.  I participated in our annual walkathons, during which I would go around my neighborhood asking people to sponsor me. Finally, a couple of years ago, when I went on a service visit to CORD Deuladiha, I was able to see firsthand the good that CORD USA brings about in people's lives, but I could also see how much they needed money. For example, The center I went to - tried to provide an ambulance for nearby villagers, but only had an old van with no shock absorbers that was extremely uncomfortable to ride in. Because of this, I've decided to donate the money that I get from my arangetaram to CORD. With your help, I hope to be able to sponsor a vehicle in one of CORD's less developed centers to provide emergency care for those who would otherwise be unable to afford it.

In lieu of gifts, a contribution to my favorite charity is a wonderful way to commemorate my special day.



Kapil's performance available to play here (audio) -


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Photos from Kapil's Service visit to Deuladiha, Odisha


Photos from Homeless Shelter cooking & serving


Winter-wear collection & donation


Dropping off winter collection at Transition Projects


Speech and Debate coaching camp for Middle Schoolers

 Kapil performing at Men's Choir at Westview, singing and playing Djembe - link



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CORD  USA believes in imparting the practices of self-sustainability to the underprivileged, and with that practice, our work continues. No donation is considered too trivial to aid the selfless volunteers in carrying out their noble goal. Your help is greatly appreciated and goes ENTIRELY to the needy – no money is left behind!