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COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating impact has taken a terrible toll globally. It is particularly sad that our country has not been spared either; despite its economic might.    As of this month, US COVID-19 related unemployment claims hit a staggering 26.4 million, the five-week total has now surpassed all of the job gains since the Great Recession.

Over 10 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits in March – The latest official figures highlight the devastating economic impact of this pandemic on the American economy, with the numbers growing every day. All 50 states reported a rise in unemployment, with widespread layoffs reported in almost all sectors of the economy.

While all of us feel the impact of the novel coronavirus, the burden falls most heavily on those who have been marginalized in our society. Homeless people, those on the poverty line, individuals without health insurance are all feeling the pinch most of all – as many struggle to get even a single meal for the day.

Many students around the country rely on schools to provide free or low-cost meals. Many of the children in these families have no other way to get their meals for the day. With most schools around the nation closed until further notice, many of these families are struggling to get additional basic necessities met.

With all this suffering around us, we must ask ourselves: How can we step up to help meet their needs? Contact us to know more…

Please note that with CORD USA, 100% of your donations and corporate matching goes directly to those in need independent of their race, color, immigration status, age, sex, religion or disability. Let us rise to the occasion and make a difference during these extraordinary times!

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Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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