Walkathon Kit


Message from Swami Tejomayananda about walkathon

Message from Swami Tejomayananda about CORDUSA

Message from Dr. Apparao Mukkamala about CORDUSA


 Please find the contents of the kit in the links below


General Information about CORD What is CORD? How does it operate? What is its connection with CORDUSA?
CORD Presentation Sample presentation on CORD and the walkathon which can be shown to members when announcing the walk
Organizing the walkathon Guidelines on how to conduct a successful walkathon
Pledge sheet Sample pledge sheet along with rules for participants
Request for Sponsorship by Students Sample letter which students can use by phone or email to ask for pledges
Request for Donations by Acharya Sample letter which can be used to request funds and/or prizes with the support of the local Acharya
Reuqest Donations from local business Sample letter which can be sent from CORD lead to the local businesses requesting donation and sponsorship for the event
Walkathon Poster Sample poster which can be used for marketing the walkathon in public areas
Press Release Sample of an article which can be sent to print media for marketing
Thank You Letter Sample follow-up letter which can be given to sponsors of fund and/or prizes
Video clip1  Video clip2  Video clip3 To learn more about CORD


For further coordination and assistance, please contact:


Acharya Vivek vivekgupta@chinmayamission.org

Subha Varma Pathial subha@cordusa.org