Readathon Kit


We are always looking for ways to get people of all ages to be involved with CORDUSA.  This initiative is geared especially for the younger children, who are in the elementary school.  One of the things we all want to do is to help our children further their secular and spiritual education.  We have a proposal for that, which will enable our children to do exactly that! Our readathons have been very successful in the Summer months, but to our amazement, children continue to read and turn it into donation through out the school year as well!

Read-a-thon is long standing concept, where children read books and the libraries/dear ones give them gifts for reading the books.  We propose that you help your child to run a readathon over the summer where the pledges he/she collect will go to help CORD programs.  They will feel good about helping the less fortunate ones while getting ahead in their education here.  A win-win situation indeed!

We request you to take the initiative and implement this program before the  summer recess of Bala Vihar and Yuvakendra classes in your CM Center.  Encourage them to do the throughout the year if they would like.  We would like to recognize our readathon leaders, please send us the picture, age, and a little about the child!

Please download the kit from here.  

Thank you for your anticipated participation.