CORD programs and activities have been inspired and formulated based on dynamic and vibrant interactions with thousands of villagers. CORD's strength and success has been due to its coalition with villagers, where there is cooperative effort to organize, build, and find relevant solutions to personal, familial, and communal concerns.

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Primary Healthcare Services


Doctors in outpatient clinics, village midwives, health guides, and community support groups are all employed by CORD to help promote good health and hygiene, and manage rural healthcare issues. Educating villagers of all ages on health and hygiene, recognizing the crucial role of midwives in isolated villages, and connecting villages to accessible medical services is an integral part of CORD's primary healthcare services. Specific healthcare issues promoted in all villages include immunization, family planning, nutrition, hygiene, and sanitation. Additionally, special attention and emphasis is placed on the prevention of various diseases, ranging from diarrhoea to AIDS.