CORD programs and activities have been inspired and formulated based on dynamic and vibrant interactions with thousands of villagers. CORD's strength and success has been due to its coalition with villagers, where there is cooperative effort to organize, build, and find relevant solutions to personal, familial, and communal concerns.

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Village Pre-Schools : Nurturing children

In rural settings, gender discrimination often forces girl-children to remain at home and help their mothers take care of their younger siblings. To remove this psychological block, CORD builds village intervention programs centered around girl-children and initiates Balwadis, or nursery schools for children age 2-6 years, in villages. The Balwadi acts as the stepping stone for all children to continue their education thereafter in a regular school. In Balwadis, the young minds are exposed to moral values, physical education, the alphabet, and numbers.

Children continue their academic education in a regular school and their moral and cultural education in Chinmaya Bala Vihar, which teaches children above 6 years of age. In these rural Bala Vihar classes, mothers are invited to attend with their children, and open discussions relating to children, women, and their immediate environment are promoted.