As a University for Sanskrit and Indic Traditions, Chinmaya University aims to create an academic platform that bridges Indian Knowledge Traditions (IKT) with current-day applications in every sphere in society. The university will exceed excellence in higher learning and research with the objective of exploring, conserving and sharing the contemporary relevance of Indian cultural heritage and IKT. The university aims to integrate the best practices of modern pedagogical advances with the beauty of traditional Gurukula model of learning and prepare students to address contemporary challenges, inspiring them to leave a positive impact on the world as confident and cultured contributors to society.


Pujya Gurudev had envisioned a University that would be a unique blend of the past and present, science and spirituality, and technology and tradition. With formal approval by the UGC in January 2017, the University is in the 2nd academic year with 127 students from India and abroad in the undergraduate and master’s degree programmes. These students will gear up as leaders of transformation of higher education in India.


The University is spread over a sprawling 10-acre campus at Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF), Ernakulam. We are in the process of acquiring 40-acres of land. The new campus will enable the University to develop suitable infrastructure for:


  • Academic blocks for different schools and programmes of study
  • State-of-the-art Library to support study and research
  • Labs for Psychology, Technology, Languages and other disciplines
  • Hostels for students and residences for faculty and senior functionaries, dining facilities
  • Auditorium, Seminar Halls, Research Centre
  • Yoga, Fitness and Sports centres as well as Recreation facilities

Over 3 phases, we are looking to build 2,50,000 square feet in this new campus that will support the needs of the University for 20 years and beyond.

Join us in this noble endeavor of transforming higher education by offering Nirmiti-Dāna to support construction of the new world-class campus.



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