CORD programs and activities have been inspired and formulated based on dynamic and vibrant interactions with thousands of villagers. CORD's strength and success has been due to its coalition with villagers, where there is cooperative effort to organize, build, and find relevant solutions to personal, familial, and communal concerns.

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CORD Training Center in Sidhbari

With its 27 year journey, so far Dr. Kshama Metre has nurtured a comprehensive rural development programme in 550 villages of Himachal Pradesh. This work has been replicated since 2003 under the aegis of CORD in other parts of the country beginning with two sites in Odisha, two sites in Tamilnadu and one orphanage in Andhra Pradesh. 

We are striving hard to expand this work so it may benefit many more, especially people who are beyond reach and in underserved rural areas of the country.  CORD is also focusing on training a batch of ‘foot-soldiers’ and ‘foot-commanders’ who are willing to serve rural India through this experiential learning program.  

To build this center of excellence in experiential learning in holistic rural development, CORD will need to expand its training facility.  This one-time investment in construction of its vision centre in Sidhbari, Himachal Pradesh will benefit many more from different walks of life like development professionals, volunteers, interns, government functionaries, NGOs, and programme beneficiaries.  By transforming such groups into resource people, we will expand the group of people who are willing to serve, learn and contribute in rural India.  The creation of this facility will require approximately 1.2 million US dollars.  

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